View Full Version : debate blog from ABCNews - "Paul is having a very good night"

01-05-2008, 09:52 PM

Actually some pro-Paul comments in there. To highlight:

7:22 pm: Taking on Ron Paul -- it's a layup, but this is Rudy reaching way back to a moment that helped him in an early debate. Bigger audience tonight, but can he go back to that well?

7:23 pm: Ron Paul is suddenly the center of the action. Hmmm... who wins here? And Mitt Romney likes to pronounce complicated names, we get it.

7:29 pm: Enough from Paul.

7:43 pm: I like the format so far, and I think the candidates like it too. A little much Ron Paul on foreign policy early, but this has been meaty and interesting so far.

7:50 pm: So far, Ron Paul is having a very good night. He's center-stage, and centered around the action. (And ponder this: He could beat Fred Thompson and maybe even Rudy Giulianin in New Hampshire.) Thompson, though, is good when he breaks out the sarcasm.

8:32 pm: ABC's Matt Stuart: "Anyone else think Barack Obama wishes Ron Paul wasn't speaking right now? Or at least pronouncing "Barack" correctly?"

8:55 pm: Some final thoughts: Perhaps its indicative of this scattered, chaotic Republican field that it's extremely difficult to pick a winner. Maybe Rudy had the strongest night, maybe Ron Paul for what it's worth, and McCain certainly got off the most zingers.