View Full Version : How did the candidates other than Ron Paul do?

01-05-2008, 08:18 PM
I thought Ron Paul's performance was so-so. He really needs to assert himself more in these situations. He also does seem a little repetative on some things. But he knocked some questions out of the park and I wonder what people seeing him tonight will feel about his absence tomorrow.

But what about the other candidates. My hope (hope not prediction) is that by Willard and Cpt. Queeg and some of the others tearing each other apart the basically all hurt themselves, especially Romney and McCain. If someone isn't going to vote for Ron Paul anyway, we want him to be cynical enough not to vote for any of the others. Willard, Queeg, and Tooty Rooty all spent endless time beating each other up. The Actor also lumbered his dumptruck-like self into the fray, including his smarmy mockery of Paul's answer on healthcare. Huckster also got into a cockfight or two with Romney.

I hope this debate will lower the voter turnout generally, more than gain Ron Paul many new ones. What do you think?