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01-05-2008, 02:01 PM
Ron Paul Rider reports from NH.


In New Hampshire with OLFD.
Had a great day, really cold but so what.
Had a great time with flags, signs and drums, we crashed Hillary’s arrival. All of her supporters were chanting “Hill er ee", we answered with “Bankruptcy” - LOL you shoulda seen the SS guys cracking smiles as we drowned out the opposition from across the street. Her campaign finally sent supporters over by us to try to drown us out, LOL - good luck. Sorry but my cam doesn’t work in the cold and I haven’t had time to upload the vids I am making. May get time tomorrow.
The highlight of the day for me was late afternoon when I was standing on a corner with my sign and flag when I turned around to see RP and Mrs Paul walk up. We smiled and I said, “Dr Paul, nice to see you again” while Mrs Paul exclaimed, Mike!!! You don’t have your bike, do you?” I said, “No, a bit cold for that” We all laughed and she remarked, “well at least you look well bundled” and with a “Stay warm", from Dr Paul they went into the restaraunt behind me for a radio thing and I got back to work.
Getting out tons of DVDs/Mosaics/Constitutions/etc. Lots of good folk here working hard for us
More to come

Mrs. Paul has a good sense of humor. :D

01-05-2008, 02:03 PM
thanks for the update