View Full Version : Time for a serious change at the national campaign HQ

01-05-2008, 12:11 PM

Please do not ignore what is obviously a serious concern among a good portion the supporters-

Please don't call me a troll. Yes, I am new here, but I promise that I care sincerely about this campaign, and that is why I am writing this today.

Let's be realistic: we did o.k. in Iowa. We beat Giuliani, and the margin between us and McCain/Thompson proves that we have staying power in this race. The volunteers on the ground deserve credit for their hard work. But there is another aspect of these results that we need to think about- I don't know how much was spent in Iowa, but here's what I do know: This campaign is on the top shelf as far as funds go. The official campaign's efforts combined with that of the supporters should have at least turned out a good 4th place finish. They've got the money, and they've got the grassroots supporters, but there are some parts of the political game that only the official campaign can manage.

I don't know Kent Snyder personally, and I in no way intend for this to be an attack on him, but let's face the facts- the strength of the campaign's leadership does not match-up to the strength of the grassroots- and when we're running a campaign aimed at winning, this is a dangerous situation. Mr. Snyder's experience is not sufficient enough to handle what has now become a top-tier campaign.

I realize that many of the good political gurus are taken, and that anyone who isn't probably wouldn't even consider signing on with Ron Paul, but there has got to be some one out there who's got more potential than Mr. Snyder.

Let's take this seriously- the grassroots is a major part of this operation, but we've got to have a strong backbone in the national campaign to assure that our strength translates to victory in the primaries.

There's no reason to be concerned about a sense of disunity, there would certainly be a bad vibe in the media if the chairman were to resign, but imagine the positive feedback we will receive if Dr. Paul hires a true professional onto the campaign.

Here is my proposal for action:

-Contact the national campaign, ask for a supervisor and then inform them that you request an upgrade in the national campaign leadership.

-E-mail or call all of your top-level contacts, asking them to assist the push for a change in leadership. 703-248-9115

-Recruit others to this movement and tell them to do the two items above.

We need this message to get across. Any one who knows how to get a message to Ron himself or some one in the family, please do it. I have called the campaign with regards to my thoughts, and I informed them that I will not be donating to the campaign until it hires a better chairman. I encourage you all to do the same.

I truly believe that the need for new and better campaign leadership is undeniable. I also believe that if you will join with this effort, we can make it happen, probably even before New Hampshire.

This is for the good of the movement, and it may be our last chance.

Michael Heraty