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07-17-2007, 08:58 PM
I am working with a couple people from my meet up group to get letters written to the editors of magazines and newspapers but the more there are the better. If you write them I will do the boring part of submitting them from around where you live and help get them published. I wrote up this outline for the people that are helping me.

-Most newspapers suggests something under 300 or somewhere around 200 words. Thatís not really much on the grand scale of things and you might even find yourself having to cut back a little bit.
-When writing the letters understand that they donít have the be a stinging attack at the current political system. Just to get Ron Paulís name slipped into the letter with a positive mention is excellent.
-Most papers ask for a name, phone number, and email address so I will need your permission to release that information. If selected the newspaper will most likely call you and ask what the article was about just to confirm that you wrote it.

Suggested Topics: (Remember these are only suggested, any input is welcome)
-Why the youth donít vote? They donít have a candidate but now Ron Paul is starting to fill the void which is evidence by his growing internet presence among young people. Use this to focus on the youth not voting but this is a great opportunity to sneak in his name, a couple of his stances, and to say something like ďThere are lots of videos of him on Youtube.Ē Of course word it better but when you do that it tells them where to find good info on him which people will look up.
-You could write about the mainstream mediaís manipulation of the race as evidence by the fact that even though Ron Paul is number 3 on money in the GOP race he still is not considered a top tier candidate. This would be a great article to put in some free speech targeted journals.
-Can the grassroots win an election? Nearly all of Ron Paulís campaign has been in the grassroots. Discuss whether the grassroots campaign can actually work and throw in good things like ďobviously a lot of people support himĒ
-If something as crazy as McCain being destroyed can happen why canít something as crazy as Ron Paul winning the election happen? Make the argument that people actually need to pay attention to the ďdark horseĒ candidate. Go ahead and be satirical and call him the dark horse with the quotes.

If you would like to help please email me at mchenault@verizon.net. I will need your name, telephone number, town and state of residence, and zip code because many papers ask for this information so they can call and identify that you actually wrote it once selected. If you feel uncomfortable giving that information to me I would be happy to help give you the places that you can submit them yourselves.