View Full Version : LibertyCongress.org Needs Banners

01-05-2008, 03:32 AM
LibertyCongress.org is catching on. I have gotten requests for banners that link
to the site and have created a couple of crude initial efforts which you can see at

If you can supply me with more banners in any or all of the usual sizes, I will be happy to give you full and proper credit for your efforts on the LibertyCongress site.

I have no particular suggestion about the look of the banners. I leave that to you and also offer that any visual element you can find on the site is fair game to use for crafting banners.

Note that you agree that any banner that you submit and that we accept becomes the sole property of LibertyCongress.org in perpetuity.

I will delete this thread as soon as enough new banners have been accepted, so if you are reading this, then your help is still needed. Many thanks!