View Full Version : Do this to win NH

01-04-2008, 09:02 PM
I request the Op Live Free or Die volunteers to split up and go give a speech in as many town hall meetings as possible. WE NEED TO DO THIS. Sorry for caps but this is essential AND EFFICIENT. Since we don't have much time left efficiency is required! Also if possible dedicate a team to get ads in local newspapers in EVERY county!!! Start a chipin and WE the PEOPLE will definitely raise the money required for ALL the county newspaper ads.

We have the people and we have the money, all that is left is for these measures to be taken.

Remember we need to do EVERYTHING that we can possibly do. If we neglect the town hall meetings and local newspapers, then we HAVE'NT done EVERYTHING!

Please please get people to give speeches in as many county town hall meetings as possible, as well as ads in local news papers!!!