View Full Version : Soldier Surprises His Son

01-04-2008, 07:18 PM

The Ron Paul campaign should create a 15 minute infomercial with many of these types of videos.

At the end he could simply state that under a Ron Paul administration we could expect to see a lot more of this sooner rather than later. :)

At the same time groups independent of Ron Paul need to launch an anti-war campaign linking those who support the war with graphic images of war. I'm talking about presenting the American people with the cold hard truth. Flag draped coffins, wounded children, amputees, bodies, etc. I realize people are put off by such images. GOOD! They need to be shocked out of their flag waving, Fox news loving stupor. Yank those flags from their idiotic hands and beat some sense into them. You like war? You support candidates who support war? Really? Well look at these images. Oh, I'm sorry, are those offensive to you?... Well they should be! And even more offensive is that you have been brainwashed into supporting it and now brand anyone who opposes it as unpatriotic.

It's time for us to wake up Americans and snap them out of their sanitized, Fox infomercial propaganda version of the Iraq war.

Images can have a real impact. We should start using them. :mad: