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01-04-2008, 04:09 PM
I am sure that all of this has been said, and probably more eloquently and succinctly in other places on the forum but my experiences in Iowa have reinforced some basic rules of campaigning and have given me hope for the rest of the states IF WE WILL ALL DO THE RIGHT THINGS.

Ron Paul almost finished third in Page county with 11% and McCain at 13%(beating Thompson and Guilliani) despite all of the handicaps that we know so well. Add to that the facts that Dr. Paul never came closer than two counties away from our town, the very heavy percentage of evangelicals (even for Iowa) and the relatively low penetration of Internet users here, and this becomes a small miracle.

My wife and I are completely green as political workers and only became volunteers for the campaign in the last two weeks. The timing could not have been worse. All of the campaigns were putting on a full court press of telephone calls and media ads. That, and the intervening holidays, made our telephone calls about as welcome as ants at a picnic. Nevertheless, it was obvious that what we did in that time made a huge difference in our county. If we had only started sooner, the effects would have multiplied exponentially.

Volunteer to be a county chairman and/or a precinct captain. NOW!
Do not wait for the campaign to put out a call for volunteers.
Do not assume that your county has a chairman.
Do not assume that your precinct has a captain.
Do not think that there are other more qualified people to do these things.
Send letters (not just emails) to all of your friends, family, church members, etc.
Network, network, network.
If your state has a caucus, volunteer to give a brief speech (if allowed). Use the sample on the website,
modify it to suit your style, and MEMORIZE it.
Make phone calls off of the list of potential supporters in your area first. Recruit any excited people
to help you call registered Republican voters.
Remember that this campaign will NOT be won on the Internet.
Do not rely on any free publicity from Money bombs, Blimps, news coverage (objective or otherwise).
And despite all of the setbacks and challenges -- Do NOT become discouraged!

Remember, if YOU don't do it, it won't get done!

01-04-2008, 04:12 PM
Great stuff! I'll repost this here too:

I just got this in my email. There are a lot of great ideas for building local support!

Yes Yes Yes.

This is only the beginning. We had a great team effort and fun spreading the word about freedom and returning to our Constitution.

Monty and Samara’s speeches to the crowd of 700+ at the caucus last night were so passionate and impressive. Thanks so much.

And Brian’s inspiration and coordination over these months have really kept us progressing. Thank you Brian.

And Thank All of You for your great participation in our County victory for Ron Paul. We can now say he is OUR PRESIDENT!

We’ve already received compliments from RP campaign staff, and inquiries from Ron Paul supporters in other states wanting to duplicate our success.

This has prompted me to recall those various ingredients. They have included:

An early rally in person by Dr Paul in August where 500 persons heard his message at the town square.

Enthusiastic travel and participation in the Straw Poll in Ames by local RP supporters.

Building a list, mostly locally with help from the campaign, of about 150 local RP supporters.

Having a fantastic Meetup organizer in Brian, who has inspired us on a daily basis with national RP news and setting up local RP events.

Staffing a booth on Saturday mornings at the Farmer’s Market from August through December where we were available to discuss Ron Paul.

Staffing booths at the monthly Art Walk to promote Ron Paul.

Lots of local signs for Ron Paul, including 4’ by 8’ signs on the main roads and far more yard signs than any other candidate.

We set up a small local office on the town square, with internet and phone, where literature, buttons, signs and bumper stickers were available 24/7.

All these materials were provided free to the public and were sponsored by local donations.

We dropped Ron Paul literature on Sundays at church parking lots, and distributed RP literature on door knobs around town.

Weekly and Ads and occasional inserts were placed in the local (daily and weekly) newspapers for the past couple of months.

A focus on local areas of concern, particularly health freedom, restoring civil liberties, opposition to the Patriot Act,

restoring the Constitutional limited Federal government, a humble, non-interventionalist foreign policy, etc.

We met weekly over lunch for organizational meetings that were open to the public.

We help Public Ron Paul meetings in the public library about monthly, showing videos and giving talks.

Held a speech competition to choose and selected two great young speakers to talk for Ron Paul at the caucus.

We outfitted 2 pick-ups with 4 by 8 Ron Paul signs and parked them prominently on the main highways or on the town square.

We bought some RP magnetic signs and put them on our car doors.

We emailed and called our lists of friends and business associates to explain the importance of supporting Ron Paul.

We directed our efforts mostly to our friends, who were largely Democrats, Independents, or non-political folks.

We tried to win over Obama and Edwards supporters, in fact some of our Ads contrasted Ron Paul with them.

We made a strong effort to get people to register Republican just for voting for Ron Paul, even if they switched back the next day.

We communicated often via emails (sometimes dozens per day) sharing ideas and inspiration (allowing folks to opt out if they wished).

Although we had a Meetup Group (totally open and un-monitored), only about 1/3 actually joined it. The rest we just emailed directly.

We emailed and talked with each other continuously and inspired each other continually with Ron Paul news and links.

What we did not do:

We had very little contact with traditional Republicans or the conservative Christian community.

We did not make phone calls to Republican or any registered voter lists. (we tried it, but found it disappointing.)

We did not focus on Ron Paul’s positions on abortion or immigration (unless asked about them).

When I wrote the above list, I was pretty impressed with our local activities.

We have such a core group of Ron Paul patriots, and we are not going to settle for less than a transformation of our country.

We wish tremendous success to the Ron Paul Revolution in New Hampshire and up to the Convention.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to inaugurate President Ron Paul!


01-04-2008, 04:32 PM
What county was this from? Great ideas and actions. Yeah, a nearby rally or two or three would have been helpful (hear that Dr. Paul? hint hint) Most of the activities that are in our (not the central campaign's) control involve or are made more effective with more lead time. Almost any successful technique will multiply with time so TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!

01-04-2008, 10:02 PM