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01-04-2008, 03:05 PM
1. Join the campaign and Donate www.RonPaul2008.com
2. Put banners on your website or blog
3. Support the Blimp www.ronpaulblimp.com
4. Order or download free materials
5. Put up yard sign
6. bumper magnet for your car
7. Email your friends and Family
8. Put and Ad in your local paper
9. Canvass neighborhoods
10. Create a vehicale caravan with cars decorated in RP gear. Schedule caravan trips around heavily traveled areas at key times to make an impact. i.e. drive around the beltway during rush hour.
11. Host a Fundraising dinner, party or cocktails
12. Contact organizations that may relate to RP issues /message so they can help spread the word Home Schoolers Association etc.
13. Dress your house in RP Gear top to bottom
14. Wear Ron Paul Gear
15. Pass out information at the Mall
16. Put information on cars in parking lots
17. If you are a business owner that supports RP Have a RP special drink or meal or donation jug, Along with printed RP matierials
18. Pay for a radio ad spot in your area
19. If you are a writer send a story in to a magazine or newspaper or editorial
20. Pets wear RP collars, leashes, shirts
21. Pay for an AD truck that drives around with the message
22. Bonus - see if there is an AD truck that can play RP Videos
23. Fraternities and Sororites unite for RP across the Country and host Fund raising parties, canvass campus for awareness, etc.
24. Keep on thinking Ideas are endless.