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01-04-2008, 02:37 PM
Take a few minutes right now to see if your local newspaper has an online forum.

Newspaper forums are read by newspaper readers ... especially those people who have only limited online experience and aren't going to stumble across Ron Paul on YouTube or any of the social networking sites. For example, my septuagenarian father-in-law only goes online for his e-mail, MSN card games, and his local newspaper.

These forums typically have areas for politics where you can mention Ron Paul and make a simple statement about why you're voting for him. After a few people reply, you can tell people about your local meetup group if you have one, or ask if anyone else is interested in starting one up.

After you've done that, work on putting together an editorial and submit it to your paper's opinion page. BE SURE to give it a LOCAL flavor ... what does Ron Paul mean for YOUR town?

Please post links in this thread to newspaper forums you've found. Here's a list of about 80. (http://community.cnhi.com/eve/forums)

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Palm Beach Post - Large circulation in Palm Beach County, Florida


This is a great idea, dont know why I didnt think of it! ;)

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Well, following this advice I went to my local paper and found out Monday is the DEADLINE to register to vote. Period. That is really a shame because now I can do nothing to help get voters out. (This is Cleburne County, AR) I did add a comment but...

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