View Full Version : I just gave $100 to the RonPaulDVD project

01-04-2008, 09:43 AM
Here's how we are going to win this: Let people make up their own mind by sitting calmly at home watching the Ron Paul DVD. In ONE hour, this DVD will just about convince anyone.

Most people have a TV and a DVD. When you receive a DVD, you are almost compelled to watch it. The opening of this DVD is excellent and well produced. This is the cheapest way to get the message out. It's much cheaper than TV advertising, and it can be watched over and over again.


They're concentrating in Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina. New Hampshire is already strong and these three states need our help.

I've donated to the main campaign and the blimp, but I think now the most cost effective place to "invest" in this new president is the Ron Paul DVD. The music CD is also very good and some of the songs have caught my heart.

Please donate to the RonPaul DVD project.

01-04-2008, 09:54 AM
The RonPaul DVD project has already shipped 28,000 DVDs in New Hampshire and Iowa. They may have been a little too late for Iowa as they arrived in the hands of the voters the day before the Caucauses. NH people will have plenty of time to see them.