View Full Version : what freedoms are we born with

01-04-2008, 05:37 AM
can someone tell me what freedom we are born with???????can someone tell me one thing that we don't have to pay for to enjoy other than walking down the road and looking at things??????freedom of speech maybe,but it is getting shot down to......one thing we are free to do without a fee??????we are born slaves in this country......we cant hunt or fish or drive or do what we want on our on property without a permit or a license.....where are our freedoms at......these old people who vote for protection are idiots and forgot that they was free more than the new generations yet they want to enslave us......i think they should be reminded they are old and are going to die and should think of us......they had their freedoms and now are afraid to die......your 60+ years old......come on you old fu!@s, you lived free.....stop worrying about your last 10 years of life and think about the young people for once........i am anti old people who wants protection cause they are old and fragile......fu!@ them who think that way, you greedy fu!@s.......just on a rant here is all.......

01-04-2008, 08:50 AM
I believe you have stumbled onto the wrong forum. This is the Ron Paul forum. You are looking for the "Blame Someone Else For My Troubles Forum". An easy mistake; you turned right instead of left at the "Hillary Clinton Nanny State" forum.