View Full Version : We can win - see here how?

01-04-2008, 02:55 AM
Ok guys, I am a newbie, but here is why we still can win:

- We have a solid base of 10% of the Republican party now. That is up 800% from when you guys started this thing. CONGRATULATIONS. Remember, RP's platform is quite extreme in most people's mind - this will take time.

- We have no churn, i.e. very few people leave RP. The other campaigns have big churn. So we will constantly increase week by week week.

- We need 40-50% of delegates at Sept convention (?). We can do it. The other 5 are just running to lead the neo-con nomination and will forget Michigan and small states, etc. We need to scrap for every single delegate in every single state. It will come down to RP vs Neo-Con Rumnabeeliani.

- Come Super Tuesday, Rudy G might be our opponent. We are leading on him now.


1. WYOMING SATURDAY. Is every RP supporter showing up? Are we ready to convince a few of the republicand insiders to go for RP? Can you guys finish second and make national headlines?

Please also expose Romney's buses with a video camera. We need that to kill him off.

2. New Hampshire - Set in the campaign in high gear. Give it all.

3. Michigan - This is where we need to deliver a shocker! The state is under the radar. We need massive bombing of Michigan NOW!

4. Nevada, SC, Maine. Scrap, scrap, scrap. All neighbours help.

Our goal should be to have a clear lead on Rudy in terms of delegates before Super-Tuesday. We can do it!

Let's build our national base by 3%-point every week. Suddenly we are in the running on Super Tuesday.