View Full Version : Grassroots "marketing plan in a box"

01-04-2008, 02:21 AM
We all are pretty much in agreement that the grassroots is going to have to take our destiny into our own hands, or otherwise we're going to watch the official campaign run this show into the ground. We have demonstrated in many ways that we have the power to meet amazing goals, but what we are lacking is concerted direction and collaboration to coordinate our scattered creativity. A good idea can be 1000x more powerful if it can be duplicated in 1000 places across the country.

I get the sense that what we need to do is stop expecting every group out there to be a fountain of creativity and good judgment, and we need to quit reinventing the wheel all across the country. We need to start circulating marketing plans among each other so we can start implementing them in a ubiquitous fashion. Jefferson County was an example of the power of creative marketing and it helped earn RP an island of concentrated support in that area of Iowa. It's quite impressive and we need to learn our lessons from that.


By now we've gotten a feel for which ideas and efforts get good reactions and which don't, and we need to share particularly the success stories and with each other in an organized, maybe even enumerated fashion, like a big checklist but much more comprehensive. In the absence of a plan, I get the impression many of us sit around twiddling our thumbs or donating money or spending times on the forum, but we don't always know what to do with our energy.

I feel very strongly at this point that we must develop a "marketing plan in a box" that we can push to every group or supporter out there, for them to"unpackage" and implement. A grassroots blueprint that can be franchised, if you will, and duplicated 1000x nationwide. We need to take the best ideas and exploit the hell out of them NOW, and since the campaign won't give us the coordination we would like, we, the free market, need to rise to the occasion and provide it for ourselves. We need to compile / create this "plan in a box" - do you agree with me?