View Full Version : ummm.... Ron Paul beat GUILIANI. snickering GUILIANI.

01-04-2008, 01:57 AM
Do you realize how much harder it will be for the media to discredit him the way they have been? The only reason we are bummed is because there were countless threads about getting 1st, 2nd, or GAURANTEED 3rd place in the iowa Caucus.

However, may this also be a lesson for us to stop getting so comfortable with things- and to push our efforts. For all we know- these people posting these threads could be employees of Fox. And that isn't a conspiracy- in today's world large corporations work their way into the web JUST like we do.

My advice:

More paydays, less moneybombs. (for the sole purpose of us getting too distracted and focusing way too much attention on these single fundraising days. the media has noticed Ron Paul- the money bombs served their purpose. let's move on and spend more time trying to convince the people of America- not Fox). The campaign has money- let them spend it.

The internet is already saturated with Paul. let's saturate laundromats, men's urinals, concerts, newspaper ads, etc. etc.