View Full Version : The Pluses and Minuses of Iowa campaign and what to do in NH

Liberty Star
01-04-2008, 01:49 AM
First , Iowa results show progress for Ron Paul, 10% votes in a tough state with older, religious demographic that is not your usual RP base is a good start. RP supporters are some of the most hard working and dedicated supporters any campaign can have even if they are not as many yet as for some other candidates. Great job by all.

Some ideas for NH.

Now will be good time to take a look at our ads for NH and make sure we have the right message and that all the grassroots and campaign efforts are being coordinated effectively to maximize support in Live Free state. Ron Paul should have ad blitz in NH and manage message carefully. It is important that ads have message of Hope and Change and nothing like the recent controversial pandering ad that was played in Iowa. Iraq War and its human, financial, liberty costs should be highlighted. It ties to taxes, economic health and fiscal policies very directly.

We should also learn from Obama win. RP has the best chance to win if we can effectively establish/market Ron Paul brand and disseminate message of change. Ron Paul, Obama both stand for change, both opposed Iraq war and are tough conteders, RP has edge on foreign policy/fiscal policy issues. We should stick with the kind of message RP sent out in debates, that works.