View Full Version : Post-Iowa: Things the RP Campaign Needs to Do To Win

01-04-2008, 01:03 AM
To those who have started finger pointing or started losing hope - don't!

This is the OVERALL picture of what happened in Iowa (and things that we need to do so that we do not repeat the same mistakes).

Democrats voted for Obama.
Hillary and Edwards were seen as 'the same old ruling elite' and lost.
People really want CHANGE badly enough that a 95% white State is willing to vote for a black guy.

They only find it hard to trust a Republican.

Romney was beaten by Huckabee. A strong evangelical Christian presence in Iowa wanted to make a statement against a Mormon candidate. This religious aspect will likely not play out the same as Iowa in the rest of the States.

Thompson and McCain were always given time on the air by the main stream media - unlike Dr. Paul. And yet Dr. Paul is close enough to those two (~3%)that it is a dead heat. Dr. Paul is clearly ahead of the supposed Republican frontrunner Giuliani What more if Dr. Paul was given equal air-time?.

Check your assumptions! Don't lash out blindly.

People REALLY, badly want change.

Ron Paul can still win this, but several MAJOR things have to be done.

The PRIMARY mistaken assumption is that 'the message is perfect' - it is not. Each message must be refined and clarified so that it doesn't scare people. It must be re-packaged far better next time - enough to convince Democrats to vote for Dr. Paul.

The way we handle the MSM is another major item we must deal with. And there are several ways that we can do this effectively.

Likewise, notice how the official RP campaign web site is consistently NOT up-to-date? People have to run to Youtube and other forums to search for the latest feeds? There are several very well run websites and forums (such as this one) lots of techie experts for Ron Paul and yet something is clearly amiss right there.

Other things will have to be done as well, but I cannot cover them all here.

The official RP Campaign clearly needs our help. We need to identify the Senior members here who are in touch with them to establish a working feedback line.

Most importantly the official RP Campaign should rally their most ardent supporters by saying ... 'this is what we will do better' - soon, to keep the donation base strong.

Don't lose hope my friends. Ron Paul is the only real hope for America.

Be resolute.