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01-04-2008, 12:54 AM
The Campaign has been inadequate in matching the level of commitment and desire for change that our Revolution promotes. Traditional campaigning, backed by traditional media, is not going to win the hearts and minds of those that have trained themselves to tune out political races.

American voting rates are bad, only one third of Americans voted in the 2004 elections, and as a result George Bush was elected.

115,000 Republicans voted in the Iowa Caucus, and as a result, Huckabee won.

115,000 out of 3,000,000 says something about American government. There is a disconnect between our government and our people. The traditional methodology candidates use to promote themselves is obviously lacking. No candidate can make inspire more than one third of Americans to take a part in the democratic process and that is a problem. No candidate, issue, or election has been important enough, has enraged Americans enough, or, indeed even been interesting enough to motivate the popular sovereignty that our culture constantly purports.

The reason for all of this, is that no one has been able to take a philosophical stance that mattered to us. No candidate has been able to convince people that their involvement in government is what makes or breaks our country.

The voters have been trained to decide their candidates based on the following:

Electability. This is one of the big ones, and it is this one that will kill us. The media decides who is electable, and the media controls what people hear about each candidate. The media decides our candidates through this tactic first and foremost. If the big news organizations decide that a candidate isn't electable they respond by either not showing anything about that candidate or by smearing him, which influences the public into not supporting that candidate.
Distraction Issues. Abortion and Illegal Immigration are examples of issues which are largely inconsequential, yet sway regular voters drastically because of how much attention is given to them in the media.
Party Lines. Deceptive "divisions" between parties not only turn many Americans off to the entire process, but these are largely media created, our controlled culture has been led to believe that these two parties stand in stark opposition to each other, yet in reality they both share immense assumptions about how our government should be run.

These are the main issues that people consider when choosing a candidate, and this is the reason that two thirds of Americans do not recognize their role in government, but we are different.

This is why I am especially inspired by the Ron Paul Revolution. We are a phenomenon because we are the most unique support base of any presidential candidate.

We are the genuinely concerned Americans who, on a philosophical basis, have recognized the distress of our nation, and we consist of people from numerous political groups, including democrats, independents, libertarians, and republicans. We have stopped toeing the party line, we have disconnected ourselves from the brainwashing of the popular media, we are the free thinking individualist America that the founders envisioned, and that we should strive to spread.

The grassroots support that this campaign currently enjoys is being squandered by Paul's campaign managers. The campaign has failed to harness the energy that our counterculture has produced, they have done nowhere near the amount of work that is required of them to produce real results, though we have given them enough money to do so. They are inexperienced enough to actually wonder what it is they should do with the amount of money we've given them.

The campaign has instead opted to play by the rules that have led to the dismal affair our country is in. The system is setting us up to fail, and the campaign is playing right along.

HQ needs to fire its current management. We have the message, but we have utterly failed to spread it to the untapped potential of the other two thirds of this country. They don't care, and our job is to make them care. The secret to this campaign succeeding in the polls is to attract new voters, instead of converting the indoctrinated, and the only way we can accomplish this is to immediately stop playing by the rules that have been set up for us.

We need to pressure the campaign to quit the rhetoric.

In the Iowa ads, they promoted their stances on abortion rather than trying to excite actual change. They need to quit pinning all of their hopes on debates and media attention, and begin taking the fight to the streets. The commercials need to be far more engaging, and we need to take the power back from the elites of the country that limit the scope of debate and silence the voices of the people. We must take the apathetic people of this country and show them why they should be concerned with our political system, as it has a direct effect on all of humanity.

The Ron Paul Revolution is about more than electing a president, it is about awakening the masses and changing our culture for the better.

I used to hope that if we were able to pull out a victory for Ron Paul political change would sweep the nation, I was wrong. Political change needs to come first, and we, including the official campaign, must be the change we seek.

01-04-2008, 01:05 AM
HQ needs to fire its current management. We have the message, but we have utterly failed to spread it to the untapped potential of the other two thirds of this country. They don't care, and our job is to make them care.

I agree. I think a lot of us agree on one issue: the official campaign has failed miserably, and it is time for major change.

But there are still many that think that HQ is doing a good job.

If the ones that think that the campaign sucks, outnumber the ones that are OK with it, we can do something.

We can have an orchestrated effort to DEMAND change from the official campaign.

I suggest, as I did in another thread, a moneybomb of donations of $1. A massive online donation, of only $1 to measure how many of us are dissatisfied with HQ.

01-04-2008, 01:12 AM
A simple fix is this. There are experienced republican operatives out there who if hired by the campaign can dramatically change the course of this movement.

Ron Paul is doing a great job, but i think he just needs his speeches to be a little more inspiring. A brighter future if we change course. Kind of what Obama is doing.

01-04-2008, 01:13 AM
The original poster is correct.

Except the change that is taking place is one based in knowledge, and beyond Ron.

01-04-2008, 01:14 AM
Ron knows what he is doing.

We are on a up trend, going to peak in South Carolina.

01-04-2008, 01:23 AM
Ron knows what he is doing.

We are on a up trend, going to peak in South Carolina.

It's not Ron we're concerned about!!


01-04-2008, 01:24 AM
We MUST be the change get behind a grassroots project and give some money to the campaign!!!