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01-04-2008, 12:21 AM
We're goin' to the convention....and

we will capture victory,

if not influence the debate.

Paul for the long Haul.


01-04-2008, 12:22 AM
hell yeahhhhhhhh


Put some relationships on the line. Stress to close apathetic friends/family how much this means to you (Its not like you're lying you're here right). All your asking is for one day of their time.

How many times have they dragged you to bad films and such. They owe you.

(If they agree to do it for you make sure they are registered and make sure you drag them the to the polling place when the time comes)

If every NH Ron Paul supporter brought 3 people into the primary who were never going to vote for anyone in the first place, we QUADRUPLE OUR EXPECTED TURNOUT!

Lets get this viral. You and the extra 3. You and the extra 3. You and the extra 3. You and the extra 3. You and the extra 3.....

Note:I'm not saying to to try and convert your 100% neocon father or your 100% liberal activist sister. Everyone has family members or friends that are apathetic and might do this one time only thing because you show them how important this is to you.

Bring the waterworks if you have to.
Promise them a huge party or something, we can do this!

01-04-2008, 01:29 AM
I just heard this -Bob Wooward t Larry King.

Three of the last Presidents did not win Iowa.


Romney's son is going to Wyoming for the caucus Saturday

01-04-2008, 01:32 AM

Things could have not turned out better for Congressman Ron Paul in Iowa for the Republican presidential race. Let's face it, at this time Ron Paul cannot yet win a one on one or three way contest in the Republican race. He is by far one of the most spectacular candidates to run in the Republican field in a long time. However, he is not some willy nilly thirty second soundbite politician. People need to become educated in more depth to understand his well thought out, solid, and logical positions. For many Republicans they have not had enough exposure yet. It is a long, hard, and tiring process to educate in depth the conservative electorate about traditional conservative principles and values.

Tonight just bought Ron Paul even more time to get out his message and to still place well in all of the upcoming states. Iowa will keep Huckabee in the race. Romney wasn't going to be exiting any time soon. Fred Thompson was thought to be dead, but just had new life breathed into his campaign. McCain was also thought to be dead, but got a rebound. And of course Iowa was irrelevant to Giuliani as he will stay in the race. Only Duncan Hunter may drop, but his support base doesn't seem likely to be a factor anywhere.

What does this all mean to Ron Paul. Well, Ron Paul has shown...

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