View Full Version : Steady... steady... lets pull it together!

01-03-2008, 09:38 PM
Remember Dec. 16 when we expected 10 million? It turned out to be 6. Remember Dec 31 when we expected 1 million and got 500,000 instead?

Our expectations are too high. We've become dangerously overconfident in Ron Paul's support.

Let's stop "expecting" and "assuming." Put your head in gear.

Screw the polls. Screw Iowa. It doesn't matter if any states are lost or won. In the grand scheme of things, we need to win the war, not just a single battle.

George Washington didn't win the American Revolution in a year. America didn't win World War II in a single year.

We even lost to the Soviets in the Space Race after Sputnik.

But we don't stop working.

Today we've passed a major threshold. If Iowa is any indication, we have at least 10% of national support. Now we know where we stand. That itself is more important than everything else.

What this really means... we have a lot of work to do. And a lot of strategy to think about. Is there something we need to do differently for future states? Is there something we missed?

The Ron Paul Machine is now in full blast. We've established ourselves as a major candidate. Stop fretting about what will happen with the news and the pundits and the MSM.

Momentum isn't about media coverage. It isn't even about polls or caucuses.

It's about getting Ron Paul's message out and STEADILY converting other people day by day.

That's what's important. Stop assuming, stop expecting.

To finish my little rant, I'd like to bring up Warren Buffett. Guess what the greatest investor in history did with his stocks? He held on to them long term, through market downs and ups.

Iowa may be a market down. But you can't sell Ron Paul just 'cuz of one day. Because the intrinsic value of Ron Paul is still there, and it's worth the Presidency of the United States.