View Full Version : Idea + Poll: Tax Return Money Bomb

01-02-2008, 10:46 PM
This idea just popped in my head tonight. In fact, this idea is so epic, I decided to make an account here to share it with you guys.

For those of us that will be getting a tax return check back from the government, simply donate it, or a percentage of that tax return check to Ron Paul's campaign.

1) Its financially easy on everybody
2) It will raise a -ton- of money
3) Its very simple

Just to lay out some numbers:

If 50,000 people gave $500 of their tax return to Ron Paul that would be
$25 mil


I think its a really cool idea, and I wanted some feedback. Ideas, suggestions, advice, are completely welcome.

If this takes off, could an admin please sticky this. Thanks in Advance. :o