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07-14-2007, 04:03 PM
I have setup a TeamSpeak server that anyone interested in Ron Paul's campaign can use to discuss ideas, meet people, etc.

TeamSpeak is teleconferencing software designed mainly for the online gaming community that combines voice with text style chat. It supports multiple channels irc style. Free client software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

I don't know how useful or popular this will be. I am making it available just in case. Much like these forums, It is up to us all to decide how best to use such tools. A couple of ideas I can think of where it could be helpful are for individual meetup groups to coordiniate, or for the campaign teleconferences.

Right now, there are no restrictions on who can login. That will remain in effect unless and until I learn that the service is being abused somehow.

For starters there is just one default channel "ronpaul". I can create sub-channels if anyone has a specific request. Or individuals can create your own temporary channels. I am "danda" on TeamSpeak, and for now I am the only person with access to create *permanent* channels.

Just as one example, we could create sub-channels for individual meetup groups.

=== Instructions for Logging In ===

Downloading TeamSpeak

Go this page and download the *client* (not server) package for your operating system:

Run the downloaded file to install the software on your computer. Once
installed, run the program.

Step by Step Setup for Teamspeak Client:

From the "Connection" Menu Select "Connect" (Connection -> Connect)
Right click on the "Servers" label in the tree on the left hand pane
Select "Add Server"
Name the "New Server" "RONPAULPLANET" ( Or whatever you like, really )
set the "Server Address" to "ronpaulplanet.org:8768"
set your "Nickname" (eg your first name, or an alter-ego)
select the "Anonymous" radio button
leave the "Server Password" blank
click the "Connect" button

After following the previous steps you should be logged into Teamspeak within a few seconds. You will most likely need to tweak sound settings (Settings -> Sound Input /
Output Settings). Personally, I recommend using the "Push to Talk" option
since it cuts down on unintentional communication. If you don't have a USB
headset or laptop you may also need to adjust your output volumes. :-)

I don't have a web-page up for this yet. I may create one later. For now though, you may find the following page helpful while getting started:



08-16-2007, 02:49 PM
I think that this would be useful. Here is another method of implementing this:

Ron Paul Live Audio Chat (http://www.walkietalkiechat.com) is now live and ready to be used.

Check out http://www.walkietalkiechat.com

08-26-2007, 06:59 PM
I tried the yackpack thing and it's nowhere as friendly as teamspeak.

I use Ubuntu (http://ubuntu.com) and not windows so there are limitations I have to put up with in exchange for using free software (free as in freedom).

Teamspeak isn't one of those limitations since it works in linux and windows.

There might not be a huge need for this service I guess because it's empty right now... Im in there.

thanks for setting up the server.