View Full Version : Don't Forget about Delaware!!!

01-02-2008, 11:26 AM
I posed the question in a Q&A thread, but it never got answered. When the Blimp was in the Virginia area, it briefly passed through the SW portion of Delaware. Why did it not fly through all of Delaware. It's not a particularly large state and would've really sent a buzz around the state.

Delaware has been Democratic for the past few presidential elections, but prior to those elections Delaware was Republican. I sense that Ron Paul could take Delaware if enough buzz was generated. Here's a virtual caucus that is being held where Ron Paul is leading at 38%: http://php.delawareonline.com/caucus/results.php

So the next time the Blimp makes it's way up the coast.... please don't forget to take a day or so to pass through Delaware. They may not offer many delegates, but every bit helps!