View Full Version : $42 RT Flights to New Hampshire from OH & NC

01-02-2008, 11:07 AM
If anyone near OH or NC want to make a last minute trip to help out in New Hampshire, an airline called Sky Bus is having a special for $20.08 each way out of Columbus, OH and Greensboro, NC. They were just featured on 60 Minutes as a new budget carrier so they are legit. They are absolutely no frills, you pay $5 per piece of luggage, there are no included meals, you pay for everything extra besides your seat on the plane. One of their hubs is Portsmouth, NH. Have to book by midnight Saturday and travel between Jan 9th and Feb 28th. I just got a promo email from them, there wasn't a link to a particular sale page and I couldn't find one, you just have to book between those dates for those airports.

Oh yeah, you have to pay the other taxes and fees associated with flying too.