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Time for Change
01-02-2008, 08:01 AM
Hi Everyone!

I need some assistance from the talented people out here.

We (my local meetup group) are planning to secure a booth for a large fair (preliminary stages, but it starts +/- 2 weeks away) and need to develop signage / graphics with the most impact.
1. Attention getters from a distance (+/-150 feet ), clean, simple - likely overhead banner.
2. Second level, for intermediate ranges of 50 ~75 feet
3. Close range: Issues related material, money, non-intervention, etc.
Nothing too narrow; as, the range of people attending this fair will be widely varied. Focus on his track record of Constitution, spending, war.

The booth is +/- 10'x15' situated on a corner of 2 intersecting isles.
Initially I am thinking that 24x36 foam core boards, with plotted (large format printers) graphics pasted on them, but I am open to ALL ideas.

Anyone interested in assisting, or have links to friendly graphics gurus?
This is a great opportunity to reach MANY many people here in south Florida, and will be +/- 11 days of exposure directly before the primaries!

That said, I am begging those with higher quality graphics I can use to blow up to please contribute.
I have found a lot of graphics out there, but all seem to focus on web layout, and look grainy when blown up.

I have Photoshop cs2,
Large format plotters 24" wide. (The length of the paper on the rolls is 150 feet, but realistic lengths are around 5 ~ 6 feet.)
Foam core is relatively cheap.
11x17 printers

All that said, anyone willing to assist, or provide links to those who may be interested?

you can email me at
fairproject @ timeforchange . we . bs
or simply respond to this post

Thanks in advance!!

01-04-2008, 11:52 PM
Is there no section on the RP website with access to an EPS or other scalable graphic format of the official campaign signs? If not, you should be able to contact the campaign for these graphics. They may be reluctant to turn over the files to assure graphic integrity (keep people from stretching or distorting images when printing themselves) but surly they can get you large banners for this event.

Time for Change
01-05-2008, 08:15 AM
No, the RP website will not have the grassroots creativity material available.
They have only the official stuff.