View Full Version : Petition for Ron Paul inclusion in Aug. 5th Debate

AZ Libertarian
07-14-2007, 10:10 AM
Keep Ron Paul in the August 5
Iowa Presidential Debate!

TO: George Stephanopoulos
Host, ABC News’ “This Week”
and debate moderator

Some influential leaders of the Republican Party are attempting to bar Rep. Ron Paul from the Republican presidential debates. I urge you to rebuke this attempt at censorship and to invite Ron Paul to the August 5 debate you are moderating in Des Moines, Iowa.

As you have reported on “This Week,” Ron Paul has more campaign money in the bank than Senator John McCain. And as you know, when he was banned from the June 30 presidential forum in Des Moines, he held his own rally and had a larger audience than the “official” forum. He is a serious candidate.

The signers of this petition include citizens who are backing Ron Paul, citizens who are backing another candidate, and others who remain uncommitted to any candidate at this time. What we have in common is our desire for a robust airing of all viewpoints in the presidential debates and forums.

found HERE: http://www.keepronin.com/