View Full Version : Ron Paul Web Bomb

Dan Hall
01-02-2008, 01:10 AM
We've proven ourselves to be very POWERFUL over the Internet.

Record breaking fund-raising days one right after the other. Yet,

MSM is still playing head-games & shrugging off Ron Paul; right on

through they'll be doing that. We can use the POWER of the WEB!

Global Domains International is an Online Business. They sell WebSites!

We can all SELL WEBSITES. See: www.DanielHall-SupportsRonPaul.ws.

Ron Paul has told us, "Let the Market decide." So let's let the Market Decide!

Hundreds and hundreds of thousands, even MILLIONS of AMERICANS can

have a WebSite/Domain name of: TheirName-SupportsRonPaul.

All we have to do is SELL IT TO THEM, which makes US money, which we

can put towards all the Grass Roots Efforts we're all ABOUT!