View Full Version : Let's train our dogs to bark: "WRRon Paul"

01-01-2008, 08:37 PM
I was at the Rose Parade today and got some dogs to bark what sounded like "WRRon Paul, WRRon Paul". In particular, there was a little cute pug that did it quite well, without any training.

This action alert is all about keeping things fun and light. That appeals to everybody.

Get you dogs to bark "WRRon Paul", make a quick 20-30 second YouTube video and upload it. For example, with good training, you can get your dog to read a Ron Paul sign. You point at the sign and say "Ron Paul" and the dog will respond with his favorite candidate. It's better if you do this with a stranger that the dog is not familiar with. Let's do HUNDREDS, of those. No other candidate has a name that can be barked. (i.e. try barking John McCain !)

Name ALL YouTube videos "Ron Paul Dog". Then we'll have a contest for the best Ron Paul barker.

Let's keep on having fun with this campaign, before things get ugly.

PS: The Rose Parade was an absolute blast. We got permission from the cops for about 30 of us to walk ahead of the whole parade in front of approximately 1 million people. They were packed on both sides of the street, in masses. The march was 3.5 miles long and we got excellent response from the crowd. Lots of cameras were filming. Later during the parade, on TV we saw Ron Paul supporters with huge Ron Paul letters (one per person) right in the view of the cameras. You could tell the camera man was trying to avoid it but it was difficult.