View Full Version : Paul versus Clinton , issues

01-01-2008, 04:26 PM
Some thoughts about effective public relations activities and getting the Pauls message across:

1) It seems that some of the really big guys do not think there is a strong republican establishment candidate on the republican side , able to beat Hillary:

- Bloomberg thinks he has nice chance and plans to run on republican side

- Rupert Murdoch seems to be changing the saddle and betting on Clinton campaign. Talking about real journalism ;)


2) In the communications field there is a concept that you have to position yourself against the "market leader" - show to the "market" how you are better or different from the present market leaders - and explaining why you are at least as good or better than the present leader.

So isnt it time for Paul already to position and criticise more against Clinton and democrats already on the issues ( like Fed and fall of the dollar - that Clinton does not complain much about ) - while the chances of other republicans to actually make it for president seem to be quite slim - talking of Bush legacy ..