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01-01-2008, 07:14 AM
I'm re-posting this snippet in its own thread so we can all think about this...

We gotta face reality if we're going to meet this $23 million challenge!

Let's calculate:

If we start the drive early on Friday the 4th and wrap it up around the 22nd, so as to have the last of the money coming into the campaign with 2 weeks to spare before Super Tuesday, it means we have 18 days to collect $23 million!!

$23m/18d = $1.28 million per day :eek:

That's scary... or is it?

Actually, I think we've been here before, about 3 months ago!

Shift your thinking just a little, like this:

We raised $10 million in 2 days...

We've got 18 days to slightly more than double that...

And we're going to have more than twice as many contributors to draw from!

Take a calculator to the problem!

Now we still have to structure and prepare a series of events to capitalize on our opportunities, but does that make it feel a bit more do-able, folks?

More to follow...

For Liberty!

Mike D.