View Full Version : Important Suggestions for Letter Writing

12-31-2007, 04:38 PM

I would like to make all of you aware of a possible issue with letter writing that I just became aware of.

Yesterday one of my NH addresses did not have a complete street address, only an apt no. so I attempted to look it up on whitepages.com. When I searched by the voter's full name and state I got an address without a corresponding apartment number so I think this this person has moved.

Whitepages.com also has the ability to do a 'Reverse Address' search to obtain a the listed resident by entering address information. This becomes important for reasons listed below.

I attempted to verify the remaining addresses using both 'person to address' and 'address to person' searches.

The results for my listed 20 addresses were:

*7 were confirmed good.

*6 were unconfirmed (I couldn't confirm the voter's name to an address in NH -and- the 'Address to Name' couldn't be confirmed)

*7 were assumed bad (I found the exact name at another location and 'Address to Name' came up with a name other than the voter)

Obviously some of these letters are not going to reach their intended recipients assuming the addresses are used from previous election cycles. It is too time consuming to check each address and ultimately it is impossible to get a confirmed addresses in every case.

As a suggestion I think we should put the voter's name then add the words "or current resident" to EVERY envelope. Also I think we should address the person as 'Dear Voter' in EVERY letter so if someone other than the person on the list does open it, they don't feel like they are reading someone else's mail.

This would avoid the letters that do not reach the intended voters to at least get read by a possible future Ron Paul supporter. Otherwise the effort and postage for these letters are wasted and this would be a pity.

I am sending this to the letter campaign people and posting this on DP and RPFs since I think it's important.

Any thoughts or suggestions?