View Full Version : Philly Mummer's Parade on New Years Day - can you make it?

12-31-2007, 01:00 PM
For those who are willing to brave the early morning after NYE, the Philly area meetup groups are having a meetup at the Mummers parade tomorrow morning starting at 8am. We will be on the SW corner of Broad and Penn Square:


It's a 4 block walk to both suburban station and market east. Easy access for those who can take SEPTA in from Philly suburbs, and for those coming from Jersey using the RIVER line to PATCO, you can get off at the final stop 15th/16th & Locust, and it is only a 4 block walk to where we are.

There are supposed to be 15-20 people or so showing up from about 6 different meetup groups, and we will be talking to people, handing out slim jims, and doing sign-waving. This year, the parade will be broadcast nationwide on WGN as well as on the local philly station and all local news outlets.