View Full Version : ~~Help save the Ron Paul Blimp!~~ Only a little money needed to save the blimp!~~

12-30-2007, 12:34 PM
The Ron Paul Blimp needs funds by tomorrow! We only need 45,000$ to fly it all the way until Jan 18. Many have said it has not gotten enough air time but now they are flying south (Currently Florida) so they can be airborne much more often. Many questions have been raised about the blimp recently and have now been answered and settled. The blimp should get plenty of air time now that it is in Florida, and it has gotten tons of media attention (look at their website for details).

For those people who don't wish to fund the project that is understandable, but please don't try to hurt the efforts of those who do want this funded. While there are many projects I don't support I know it's not helpful or polite to hurt the efforts of those who do support that project. It only needs a tiny bit more cash compared to what we've given so far for another 19 days.

Help save the Ron Paul Blimp! For details go to www.RonPaulBlimp.com