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12-29-2007, 08:17 PM
Ok... lets see...

Start out in Ironforge, infront of the huge gates. We would then enter the city, and do a full lap around the city. Then, we would all end up in Tinkertown, and take the Deeprun tram to stormwind, where we could get photoshoots at the chappal and the statues, pose them as founding fathers (And chick) or something, (Photoshop heads over the bodies? :D with Ron Pauls on the middle statue). From there, we would go to goldshire, party for a bit, then head to Westfall, where we would go the light house on the far coast. Then, there is a swimmable path to Booty Bay where deaths would be at a bare minimal (no more then 6 people should die, and its a short walk to the body, so yeah), where, once in booty bay, we could fill the levels of the city up with supporters, and take a picture from the bay, as they all wave/dance/cheer etc. Then, we would take the boat to barrens, and completely surround X-roads. No way in hell any one could miss that :D. And for the finale, head up to ogrimmar, and fill up the entire road in front of the city, like actual rallies.

So IF>Tram>SW>Goldshire>Westfall>Booty Bay by ocean>X-roads>Ogrimmar.

Edit: A possible idea, get some people on the zepplin, and then photoshop "Ron Paul Revolution" on the side of it... The Ron Paul blimp :D

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Bump bump

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This is the plan, it's going to be great! :D

12-30-2007, 06:32 AM
For getting people on the zep... We would have to swarm it and then probably only 20 people would die.

Hehe, now this is starting to sound even more awesome! :D