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12-29-2007, 07:58 PM
Paul: Fox News is 'scared of me'


PLAISTOW, N.H. -- Ron Paul said the decision to exclude him from a debate on Fox News Sunday the weekend before the New Hampshire Primary is proof that the network "is scared" of him.
"They are scared of me and don't want my message to get out, but it will," Paul said in an interview at a diner here. "They are propagandists for this war and I challenge them on the notion that they are conservative."
Paul's staff said they are beginning to plan a rally that will take place at the same time the 90-minute debate will air on television. It will be taped at Saint Anselm College in Goffstown.
"They will not win this skirmish," he promised.
The Fox debate occurs less than 24 hours after two back to back Republican and Democratic debates on the same campus sponsored by ABC News, WMUR-TV and the social networking website Facebook.
Paul, the Republican Texas Congressman, was wrapping up his final day of campaigning in New Hampshire until the Iowa Caucuses on Thursday.
He spent much of the day campaigning at diners in Manchester and Plaistow and downtown walks in Derry and Exeter.

It's going to be a long night indeed!
Call these sponsors and let them know that if you see ONE MORE commercial on FOX, you will boycott them for good.
Oh, but you actually have to STICK TO IT, or you are just talking out of your ass, in which case, don't bother!
Contact FOX advertisers! hit 'em where it hurts! (RP excluded.)
If you have more than one email address...now's the time to use them!
If all the meet up members contact the people below and DEMAND they be held accountable for their undemocratic dealings we can MAKE THEM HURT!!!
Pass this to all meetup groups nation-wide!
Here are Fox's Sponsors, with blue links directly into their customer complaint web sites. Be cordial, but extremely firm about their continued sponsorship of Fox..Then if they don't stop sponsoring by Jan 2 - follow through with a boycott for years!
Don't forget to praise the ones that actually follow through, and disown or persuade Fox.
. Crest Whitestrips & Dawn (both Proctor & Gamble) 513-983-1100
. Delphi (Driving Products) 1.888.809.9800
. Mercedes Benz 1-800-367-6372
. Comcast 1-800-COMCAST
. Subaru 1-800-782-2783
. GMC Suv's 1-800-551-4123
. Best Buy 1-888-237-8289
. Travelocity 1 888.872.8356
. Capzasin 1 (423) 822-5020
. New Phase
. Orbitz 1-888-656-4546
. www.Ditech.com 1-800-DITECH-3
. www.eloan.com (415) 786-3317
. Toyota 1 800-331-4331
. Centrum (Wyeth) 1-800-322-3129
. Nextel (aka Sprint)1-800-639-6111
. www.Vehix.com 1.866.698.3449
. Gold Bond (Chattum) 423-821-4571
. Aspercreme " "
. www.webmd.com via email or webmd.com via other (212) 624-3700
. American Express 1-877-877-0987, 1-800-525-3355
. Holiday Inn Express 1 800-315-2621
. M Professional unk
. www.priceline.com 1-800-774-2354
. L. L. Bean 1-800-441-7513
. Jet Dry (Dishwasher Products) 1-800-820-8939
Chemistry (Matchmaking Web Site)
www.Bankrate.com (Mortgages)

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FOX STOCK DUMP going viral now
Symbol: NWS

http://www.digg.com/business_finance/Will_a_completely_spontaneous_stock_dump_damage_Ne wsCorp

I wonder if this will make it to every stock forum and stock board out there. I can't see how that is bad... the innocent should be warned to get out of this stock early. Especially if we start shorting the hell ouf ot it.
People may not care about Ron Paul or the election in general but I guarantee you that everyone cares about their money.