View Full Version : A Little Help From Our Friends

Charles Wilson
12-29-2007, 01:45 PM
News coverage of the New Hampshire forum on the 6th of January: We could use a little help from our Ron Paul Meetup groups overseas. Our friends overseas should be able to help. The neocons are charging around all over the world dictating at will, spouting off how important it is that all the world become a democracy, all the while they are attempting to subvert democracy here in the United States by denying Ron Paul equal access to a forum designed to inform the public as to each candidate's stand on the issues.

This is Huge, our friends overseas could contact their national news media and ask them to question the US as to why a country that is so bent on attacking other countries in the name of nation building for democracy is denying Ron Paul equal access to the New Hampshire forum in a national election. What is it about Ron Paul's message that the MSM and neocons in power here in the US do not want the American people to hear?