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E. Nordstrom
12-29-2007, 01:00 PM
Hello fellow Ron Paul, Liberty, and Freedom Supporters!

I'll keep this brief...

Http://www.ronpaulmoneybomb.com is the online donation event/moneybomb information hub.

On October 14th Jesse Elder registered the youtube channel : ronpaulmoneybomb soon after he registered the yahoo email address ronpaulmoneybomb@yahoo.com a couple days later Eric Nordstrom registered the domain ronpaulmoneybomb.com to help out with the effort.

Prior to the 14th of October the word moneybomb had never been used.

Jesse had a concept brewing. The concept was to rally the Ron Paul support group together to perform mass donations on specific dates. It worked! On October 20th, the first moneybomb occurred. Soon after the concept was picked up and in some cases improved, by others. Thanks Trevor for perfecting it.

Now, from October 16th until now the website known as http://www.ronpaulmoneybomb.com has been performing weekly donation events. These have been largly ignored due to the mass donation events. We understand, we were pretty excited too seeing the millions roll in.

Ultimately the MoneyBomb is no longer about one website, one person, or one occasion. The Moneybomb is now the collective efforts of every online donation event and the funds raised by each and every Ron Paul supporter who donated.

The forums should not/cannot decide, as if an authority of votes, which events are good and which events are bad. This becomes a democracy, which is bad. Each supporter needs to decide for themselves. If anyone on the forums begins to say "stop the moneybombs" or " do this one, not that one", you should perhaps consider that they are either very egocentric or a McCain supporter attempting to stifle one of our greatest successes.

We have been hearing that there are a few odd comments.

Looks to us that the forums, digg, etc has been infiltrated by the opposition as this can be the only rational reason ANYONE would dare to say stop donating.

In the first 3 quarters Clinton raised more than $90 Million Dollars. At the end of the 4th quarter (now) she has $48 Million Dollars remaining from the original first three quarters. Now remember, Ron Paul's campaign gambled on whether to show 'in real time' his campaign fundraising during the 4th quarter. It has paid off. Currently Ron Paul has no debt, and he has $5 Million remaining from the first three quarters.

Quarter 1-3: Raised $90 Million
Quarter 1-3: Raised $9 Million

Quarter 1-3: Remaining $50 Million
Quarter 1-2: Remaining $5 Million

Quarter 4: Raised ?
Quarter 4: Raised $20 Million <- A Guess

Assuming that Ron Paul gets the nomination, how do we expect Ron Paul to compete against Clinton. Look again at the above info. Notice anything? Paul always has approx. 10% of Clinton's cash on hand. It is a safe bet that the final quarter 4 will look something like:

Quarter 4: Raised $200 Million
Quarter 4: Raised $20 Million

and the total on hand will be:

Quarter 4: Avail. $250 Million
Quarter 4: Avail. $25 Million

You can thank corporate sponsorship, corruption, the industrial complex, big pharma, the federal reserve bankers, and legions of socialist minded Americans for Hillary's massive money chest.

Yes, we need to create and train delegates, we need to create and put out signs, we need to come together as a revolutionary force, we need to broadcast on the radio, we need to talk to our neighbors door to door, we need to show massive numbers in the streets, we need to get media attention, we need to fund projects that raise awareness, we need to get people to vote, we need to fight apathy, we need to increase our numbers, we need to do all these things, but we must not forget that the general election is going to be a landslide victory for Hillary (if she is nominated) if we don't get a move on with fund raising.

Call it fund raising, call it donation event, call it moneybomb, call it fruit loops, we don't care. Just as long as the pressure is on.

The donation drives are part of the glue binding us and the proof of our might!

- Money is the life blood of a campaign.
- Ron Paul's campaign has only just begun.
- Grassroots support the campaign - campaigns do not support the grassroots.
- After Ron Paul is nominated, how do we fund the general election?
- Small donation drives, massive donation drives, they all serve purpose.
- Our collective efforts raising all the money scares the sh!t out of the bad guys.
- Stopping the mass donations now is dangerous.
- Clinton has $90 Million and it's growing - if we stop raising money, we lose, period.
- There is no need to stop Donation Events to start non-donation events. Do them all.

Current/Future Events


Everything has purpose. Don't let the infiltrating opposition keep you from donations. The other candidates will lose for four reasons.

1. They don't have a record like Ron Paul.
2. They don't have a clear message and goal.
3. They don't have passionate and loyal grassroots campaign supporters.
4. They don't have a battering ram of donations beating down the door week after week and month after month.

They are now scared, Ron Paul has them out gunned and we have our grassroots opposition demoralized. Do not give them a moments rest or recovery.

It is time to make a stand. That time is now. Commit to a donation, the old media is irrelevant, we do not raise money for attention, we raise money because it is our battle cry for victory.

Go forth and PLEDGE for your freedom. Liberty is normally paid for in blood, how less we now pay for ours. Promote the donation drives or we will fail for it is the tangible evidence of our will.

Keep the faith, keep on donating, and keep Ron Paul on the Go!


12-29-2007, 01:22 PM
The FOX News snub of Dr. Paul on January 6th should motivate all Ron Paul Supporters to donate to the campaign!! The perfect time is New Year's Eve. Let's put the 4th Qtr Official Campaign Donation Total over $20 Million. Sign up at http://donate2008.org Today!!!

Dan Hall
01-02-2008, 12:43 AM

We can make lots of money by doing this and use that money to Support Ron Paul.

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01-08-2008, 07:02 PM
Visit Road to $23 million (http://www.geocities.com/francisklinkner/ronpaul.html) to see our progress.