View Full Version : Must-hear interview for Ron Paul supporters and those who aren't (yet!)

12-29-2007, 12:34 PM
I invite you to come listen to a recent radio interview I was invited to do about libertarianism and the Ron Paul Revolution - his platform and his great supporters (and how his campaign affects the LP/third parties, and liberty in America). Done several, but this one is something I thought would be good to share here--it encourages listeners to do whatever they can for primaries, caucuses, etc....so thought readers here would find it interesting also and something you might want to share...

The show, broadcasts on several New Hampshire radio stations (as well as on numerous stations via internet feed throughout America and Europe), focused on libertarianism, Ron Paul's platform and grassroots support, and why I (a Libertarian) support Ron Paul and why I think anyone who cares about America and any libertarian (in the party or not) should support Dr. Paul.

An excellent overview of what he stands for and how his campaign and support is going.

Listen here! (This is an archive of the show.)


It's about a 15-minute interview.

I also emphasized Dr. Paul's widespread support, record breaking fundraising, why he's called "Dr. No," media/debate coverage, polls, and the importance of everyone helping in the primaries--NH, Iowa, and more...--Christine Smith