View Full Version : More Questions and Advice to the Supposed Answers...

12-29-2007, 03:10 AM

It is a shame. I guess that is what happens when you turn to a for-profit venture and away from a grassroots effort.

One more bit of smart business advice is to not accuse your customers of accusing you of certain things and insulting you and then declare that you will now remain "tight lipped."

This project needs all the transparency and honest and orderly responses it can get to bring back the supporters who have felt slighted and ignored.

Wear your heart on your sleeve. We all are and we are not making a profit, we are sacrificing almost everything, we are doing this for Dr. Paul and his message and we bleed the rEVOLution.

Some of your whining and incredulity comes off as insincere and just fuels the flames.

This is about RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT, not a blimp advertising firm. Sometimes it seems you folks have forgotten that.

Any comment on the lawsuit you are supposedly settling?

At times I think this whole blimp project should be removed from the forum.

This is a grassroots website for voluntary efforts and you folk certainly do not act like one most of the time.

Under promise and over deliver, but not at the loss of efficiency and transparency.