View Full Version : Convincing People to Join GOP

12-29-2007, 02:49 AM
In our area of the midwest, we have quite a few "libertarian" (and other) members who are very reticent to actually join the local Republican Party and participate in meetings to help support people who are working hard towards becoming delegates.

We have come up with a document entitled "How to vote multiple times... LEGALLY!" (http://files.meetup.com/601922/Vote_OFTEN_Legally_brief.pdf) that seems to be rather convincing; it begins:

There is a fatally false understanding about how the Presidential election
process works in the United States. Most people think they get to vote
only ONCE because they believe that we live in a “democracy” -- they are
wrong. We actually live in a “representative Republic” -- and LEGALLY,
you CAN vote MULTIPLE times... as a representative or THRU a
representative... if you know HOW...

Download the document and read the rest for yourself... if you think it will be useful, print copies (single sheet, 2 sided) or get it into the hands of your local meetup members (it is NON-state specific). It's pretty enlightening to most people, and can help change their opinion 180 degrees about getting involved.