View Full Version : OpEdNews executive editor has polite questions for us.

12-28-2007, 09:25 AM
He asked some questions in a neutral manner, with minimal loading of the questions. So let's politely answer the questions.

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12-28-2007, 09:31 AM
Question 1 is loaded. If you say you would only vote for ron paul then you prove he is not a spoiler

Lucid American
12-28-2007, 10:34 AM
1- Voted Bush in 2000. In '04, could not in good conscience vote either main candidate and went Badnarik. I discovered Dr. Paul in '05 and emailed him twice asking him to run for president. Ron Paul will get my vote even if I have to write him in. He's the only one I'm aware of who's truly worthy of the office. I am a conservative Republican.

2- Yes, I support Paul's position on Social Security. Competition never hurt any policy.

3- Yes, I support Paul's position on the UN. The UN does not serve the US's interests, and the US can best serve the interests of the world by serving our own interests. I say this not in a cold way . . .

I truly believe that with proper leadership, Americans are bound together under the still-radical notion that free people can govern their own lives better than some elite few a thousand miles away; that if left to earn our own keep and keep our own earnings, we will prosper as no society before.
This existence was hard-won for us by our nation's founders and is by its very nature infectious. By our adherence to this great calling as Americans, we shine by example and lead other peoples to also pursue and win their own personal sovereignty.

4- Regarding Paul's abortion stance being anti-women's rights, as Dr. Paul himself put it once, any time you're "for" something, people can frame you as being "against" something. In this case, Paul's stance puts the unborn baby's right to life on higher ground than the mother's right to choice. As the mother enjoys the same right to life the baby does, Paul is not "against" women's rights but is instead "for" acknowledging the same right to life recognized in the mother for the baby, as well.

5- I believe in a firm balance in power and the promotion to genuine dialogue to generate sound policy. Today's Democrats and Republicans are alarmingly similar once you get past the soundbyte issues, and neither genuinely works for our nation's best interest, especially with today's blank check executive. Paul will ensure a long-needed check and balance that is missing, regardless of the party in majority.