View Full Version : Ron Paul Libel-Virus Detector Report:

Douglass Bartley
07-11-2007, 10:37 AM
Townhall, Ruffini defame Dr. Paul

From my blog: http://rxpaul.townhall.com

Townhall Defamation-Virus Detector Report:
Seriousness of virus: Medium risk

The defamors: Patrick Ruffini and Townhall

The defamation: "The most pathetic part of this whole Ron Paul insanity is just not the Paul supporters themselves, but the fact that candidates with dozens of times the actual support can't seem to match him."

The victims: Dr. Paul and his advocates

Quarantined file: Ruffini's article @
http://www.townhall.com/blog/g/5c2f1da6-adb7-446e-8bb7-34bb9e5288d5 (http://http://www.townhall.com/blog/g/5c2f1da6-adb7-446e-8bb7-34bb9e5288d5)

07-11-2007, 11:43 AM
I don't get it. Are they saying that all the Ron Paul support is a computer/internet virus?

Douglass Bartley
07-11-2007, 12:07 PM
I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. My blog was intended to poke fun at Townhall which is continuing to libel Ron Paul. Therefore I "invented" (only as a spoof) a Norton-like Ron Paul libel alert intended to identify and "quarantine" libelors like Ruffini. A little joke that was way too cryptic.

Douglass Bartley
07-11-2007, 12:09 PM
I will edit the original post to make my point clear.