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12-28-2007, 01:08 AM
Ron Paul Meetups Support Team: Wanted: Team Members, endorsements, and advisory board

Endorsed by Joel Lemieux, Organizer for Ron Paul Organizers Meetup http://www.organizer.com/141

By Patricia Mikkelson
http:// www.patriciamikkelson.wordpress.com

I am working on finding team members who are passionate about carrying out this mission:

Our mission: to support Ron Paul for President meetups in being the most effective grassroots effort that they can possibly be in order to elect Ron Paul as well as live and promote the values he stands for.

We support Ron Paul for President Meetups in being independent, self-organizing, and locally governed.

Our goals:
1. A meetup in every county in Arkansas by Jan 1,2008 and a meetup in every county in the US by Feb. 1, 2008
2. A meetup handbook and forum that can support the mission and goal by Dec. 24,2007
3. A strategy of the best practices, over all strategy and goals to share (but not dictate!)

I have been organizer of the successful Fayetteville Ron Paul Meetup, founded the growing the Arkansas Statewide Meetup, and have planted one successful meetup in Harrison, AR. I wrote a handbook for meetup coordinators, which includes instructions on how to plant meetups. I have been studying what strategies are the most effective in getting Ron Paul elected, including the "think precinct" approach that is spreading far an wide. I have seen a need for more support for the Ron Paul meetups so that they can support the over all grassroots movement and organizing efforts that are taking place.

I realize that I can't do this alone. I want to be a part of a team working cohesively together on this project.

I am working on the following:

1. Creating a step by step guide for how to plant a meetup.

2. Actually planting meetups in every county in Arkansas to serve as a model for other states.

3. Raising money to get the meetup accounts so we can plant meetups

4. Refining a hand book I wrote a few months ago for Ron Paul Meetups

5. Finding others who want to plant meetups (I have found two others so far, Allison Lukens, Fayetteville RP Meetup Organizer and Jason Young, Jonesboro RP Meetup assistant organizer, and Corey Walsh, Harrison RP Meetup Organizer.

6. having a daily conference call so new meetup organizers can call in for help and support

7. Adopt a meetup plan--help meetups get off thre ground

Main resources we are using right now which support Ron Paul meetups, and groups we want to cooperate with who are working to help create structures that can support the grassroots movement in being stronger:







We are looking for committed, passionate volunteers who have had positive experiences in meetups or other groups who share our mission of helping Ron Paul meetups be effective and powerful.

1. highest priority: People who have organizational and team-bulding skills who can really bring a team together to be effective with all of us utilizing our best talents. A person who knows about servant leadership. self-organizing groups, learning organizations and can help us train group organizers quickly and efficiently

3. Web designers: People with web skills who can help with interfacing with other websites such as those listed above, including a forum, and a wiki for meetup planting. Someone to create a whole website completely dedicated to Ron Paul Meetups support which can be linked to other websites seamlessly.

4. Fund raisers who can help achieve our goals. The cost to plant 5 meetups per month is $17

5. Marketing expert who can help us get endorsement, and share the vision in a way that will take off like Nov. 5 Money Bomb and the Tea Party Money Bomb

6. Someone who can present these ideas to people who could endorse them.

7. A person who can write ebooks, power point presentations and training programs

8. Contributions to the Ron Paul meetup handbookóbest practices that work

9. Testimonies about how Ron Paul meetups changed your life

10. Feedback on the following priorities that we think Meetups could focus on:

1. Addressing voter fraud, getting people out to vote, absentee voting, early voting

2. Delegate process--which means starting with getting RP Precinct captains elected. Includes interfacing with other counties, statewide networking

3. Voter registration with first time voters, especailly high school kids and college;

4. Canvassing: who to target, materials management, effective ways to convass

5. Fundraising and responsible accounting

7. Meetup well being: Leadership effectiveness training for organizers and assistants--ever increasing their skill in empowering volunteers, conflict resolution, weekly meetup logistics, dealing with infiltration. Especially important: helping meetup leadership set an example and inspire members to represent Ron Paul in a positive light as we share his message with others.

8. Volunteer Coordinating--welcoming new volunteers and helping them to get involved.

9. Name recognition for Ron Paul (includes one on one talking to people, sign waving, yard signs, media coverage, service projects, 1001 ways to promote Ron Paul etc,)

10. Cooperation with other meetups, including: Expansion--helping plant meetups in every county in state. Working with others to make sure the delegation process is understood, enough delegates are available, etc. Regional/statewide rallies. Information exchange. United efforts.

11. Education about the issues including the Constitution and all that it means to us.

In conclusion, here are ways you can help:

1. Apply to be a team member. (If I don't know you, tell me about yourself and supply some references)

2. Apply to be on the advisory board.We will call upon you for your counsel and advice in our overall policy decisions.

3. Donate money to help pay for the actual meetup planting. (I am in the process of creating a chipin account)

4. Help with editing the meetup handbook or just offer your ideas

5. Tell me what you think the most important over all strategy is.

Please contact me if you can help! Patricia Mikkelson, livablefutureproject@gmail.com 479.225.0047

If you want to learn more about who I am