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12-27-2007, 05:56 AM
there's going to be a point where trying to convert more people into dr. paul supporters will be more difficult. right now we are seeing huge support gains with people who have never heard about ron paul. at some point, those people will be fewer, and further support will have to be made by "converting" people who like mccain, romney, et al.

thus, we need to make inroads for support from people who "belong" to other candidates. i believe these people, especially those who are very political, tend to focus on issues. the difficulty in converting these people is because Ron Paul's policies tend to come off as crazy. the wikipedia entry on RP is the best i've found so far, and frankly, its not good enough:


some common things i hear are:
- RP got a donation from a white supremacist and he didn't give it back! he's a bigot!
- he wants to get rid of the dept of education. why does he hate education?
- he wants a gold standard? wasn't that a hundred years ago? he's out of touch with the times
- he hated Lincoln because he wanted to free the slaves? what?
and on and on.

what we need is a centralized place for the most common and controversial stances of RP, a good explanation/reasoning behind positions, and links to more in depth reading. you and I both know that RP's positions cannot be explained in two seconds, and so his image is being completely distorted.

this needs to be hosted on wiki or somewhere else where people curious about RP could find out... quickly. what i'm proposing is sort of a "FAQ" for RP's political positions.

from the point of view of our adversaries, RP supporters are just a bunch of spammers that overtake other blogs by shouting loudly and with force. at some point, there will be a backlash against us and people won't even want to hear what he have to say.

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12-30-2007, 01:18 AM
I have made www.ircpimps.org/ronpaul which is my personal site for what you are talking about, it is not complete or popular but I am open to suggestions on things to add.