View Full Version : What Hillary will do to fight Ron Paul - How to thwart it.

12-26-2007, 09:28 PM
Hello All,

The Clinton camp is already planning to take away Dr. Paul's most voter-appealing message - to bring back the troops from Iraq immediately. Bill Clinton is now being castigated by pundits for recently saying that he and Hillary were 'totally against' the Iraq war.

If you doubt that Hillary will say that 'she has a right to change her mind' about the Iraq war - when she finds out that it is Dr. Paul that she will have to contend with in 2008, - don't. Never underestimate the enemy.

We are not just fighting for the Republican nomination. We are fighting for Dr. Paul and his Presidency.

I have posted a suggested 'Just War' ad for Dr. Paul in this forum. Save for one email, no replies! This thread is supposedly about strategies, but most of what I find here are the 'easy to do' ideas.

Let's focus on providing clarity on wherever Dr. Paul's message is percieved to be weak and unappealing. Let's focus on going on the offensive against Guiliani and then Hillary. Let's turn this forum into a command center for execution of the best strategies with the broadest impact (for the least cost).

The YouTube 'Just War' Ad for Ron Paul that I suggested will be a tremendously effective viral success for winning the Republican nomination for Dr. Paul - and thereafter, the Presidency. That I promise you.