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Gimme Some Truth
12-26-2007, 12:47 PM
I have been a songwriter ,for my band , for about 8 years now and have been a budding sound engineer (iv got a pretty nice home studio) for about 6 years. I am posting this in an attempt to collect works from a variety of people whether they be songwriters , melody makers , lyricists, poets etc ... basically anything that can be used to promote Ron Paul in the digital domain.

I say I am a songwriter , but im more of a melody maker ... in that I can come up with decent melodies and can play a fair few instruments ,but Im not too confident in my lyric writing skills . Im sure there are people here who quite fancy themselves at writing lyrics but have no interest in writing or recording music for them. I think it'd be cool for us to post lyrics and even links to demos in a hope we can mix all our talents together , give each other feedback etc in a hope to creating some good Ron Paul / freedom centred music or digital art or whatever.

Something to sink our creative teeth into after a long day of campaigning on the streets etc :)

( I just hope that this thread gets viewed with it being down here in the neverworld of the forum :D )

Gimme Some Truth
12-26-2007, 01:00 PM
As a starter , here is a simple track i am currently working on called "If you want it"


Well I've had it
God Damn it
I've had enough of the lies in the Senate

The House fell
I can tell
The way we're goin' we're gonna wind up in hell , well....

Theres one man
Left in town
He speaks the truth , he can turn it all around

This man
Stands tall
All my people know his name is Ron Paul


If you want it
If you want it

Obviously this is just the lyrics (i havent begun recording it yet).

As I stated in my previous post , Im not much of a lyricist so Im struggling to write a 2nd verse. It'd be great if someone could come up with something (the structure and rhyming is very simple as you can see) . Im not here toplunder other people's work and call it my own. Whilst Im not bothered myself about credit for my RP/freedom centred songs (iv got a couple more in the works) anyone who helps out with my tracks will get full credit (tho you may not want it after listening to the track! :D ) Its about promoting RP/freedom and , being a lover of music, i find music a very special 'lubricant' to new ideas . It can be very powerful.

So, you've seen mine ... show me yours! :)