View Full Version : The Case for Ron Paulís Video Diary

12-25-2007, 10:55 AM
Ron Paul supporters around the country waited with fainted breath waiting to see how Tim Russert would attack Ron Paulís stances on the issues and his record. Sitting and passively waiting to see the interview and then uploading the interview on YouTube with the hope that it will spread across the world on the Internet. While todayís Meet the Press interview was a high profile case of this phenomenon, it is hardly unique. On any given day in the last month clips of Ron Paul litter the ďmost viewedĒ daily video lists on YouTube. But the aspect that I find interesting is that most of the clips that become so popular usually feature content that originated on cable news or in this morningís case, network news. The Old Media is controlling the content, even on the Internet. Other clips capture events that have taken place around the country and the world and the official campaign itself has uploaded commercials that they have produced for TV and radio. But the thing that the campaign has yet to do is produce original content for the Internet. It seems so obvious that I cannot believe that it has yet to be done.

So I am proposing that the Ron Paul campaign begin to upload regularly a Ron Paul campaign diary. Ideally the diary would have Ron Paul front and center in every entry, but it could also include giving supporters a chance to see the inter-workings of the campaign behind the scenes. Most importantly it would give Ron Paul an outlet to respond to any questions at his own pace using as much time as he needs to address the issue. The process of producing this video diary, even on a daily basis, would cost next to nothing, it would involve hiring a staffer to stick close to Dr. Paul and sit down with him everyday, or as needed, to simply let him speak his mind with no limits of time or topic. The possibilities are endless, but the central point being that the campaign has no excuse not to do their part in harnessing a part of this YouTube phenomenon to clarify his message.

Shaun Booth