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12-24-2007, 12:06 PM
We are DOWN TO THE WIRE, people!

I have been doing Door to Door, and it is EASY, REWARDING and EFFECTIVE.
You will get MORE votes for the good Doc in the Primaries, by going door to door. In this forum you are talking with people who are already converted. Many supporters out there just don't know him yet! And many who do, DON'T even know they need to REGISTER and vote in the PRIMARIES!!!

Shoes on the pavement people! It's a numbers game. Spend 2-3 minutes per door, get out there! Make it clear that their vote in the Primaries COUNTS A HECK OF A LOT MORE than their vote in the main election, and that the deadline to REGISTER REPUBLICAN (in many states), is LOOMING FAST. If they don't want to register republican, be clear that 2/3 of his supporters are doing so just for the primaries, and are switching back right after.

GIVE OUT voter registration forms so they can mail em in ASAP - get with your local meetup group, someone is likely to have a box of them.

Pls. see my post

My favorite handout is a back to back print of the "issues" page on www.ronpaul2008.com , and "An Open Letter to the American People".

and check out this training video

all J's in IL for RP
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12-24-2007, 12:20 PM
it's Christmas Eve people don't like to be solicited

12-24-2007, 02:30 PM

If 70,000 Meetup supporters knock on just 100 doors, we will quickly reach 7 million households, and approximately 14 million voters. The numbers are staggering. Actually, breathtaking! Wow! Amazing!

Imagine the power of supporting our national campaign team with a national canvassing effort! If you just reach 7.2 households per day, in 14 days we're there!

No other campaign is doing it. Because no other candidate has the manpower to do it.