View Full Version : Nostalgia on "Morning Joe"

12-24-2007, 07:57 AM
I was doing my usual flip around to see if anyone is mentioning Dr. Paul this morning and realized Morning Joe was a taped show, not live today.

The guest when I was watching was Brian Williams who is evidently the host of NBC Nightly News (I do not watch that).

The three of them - Mica, Joe, and Brian - were talking about the "good old days" when Americans waited for Walter Cronkite to tell them what to think and who to vote for. :eek:

Joe complained about the internet because blogs and people like Drudge have so much control/sway. :D

He also complained that on many days, network news is the LAST place something gets reported. :D

Brian Williams said that his news show has a HUGE viewership, that they have 10 million viewers a night. :eek: Sounds like a lot, but I wonder what the ratio was back when we had 3 networks...lots of black and white televisions...no remote controls...and once the knob fell off, we used needle nosed pliers to change the channels. :o

It was an interesting little bit on there...